Fintech Evangelist

    For Finance Chiefs, digital disruption offers the opportunity for new business models and revenue streams. Loosely defined, the term “finance transformation” is used to describe strategic initiatives aimed at improving Finance within a company. However, it also makes the organization vulnerable to competition from new players and agile incumbents, and creates exposure to new risk. This presents an important opportunity for CFOs to step in and transform the Finance organizations by embracing a digital business model and turning the promise of data analytics into measurable performance gains.
    Please, provide specific examples of situations where the nominee has undertaken technological innovation processes with the aim to:
    • Prepare the finance function for the digital age

    • The new operating model designed to boost efficiency

    • Role of finance in value creation within the business and to improve reporting transparency;

    • Deliver data-driven insights to all business leaders in the organization

    • Provide more opportunities for the employees by optimization of the workflow for the entire team, such as reducing or eliminating routine activities and automating business processes through robotic process automation (RPA)

    • Take cybersecurity into account; regularly update the software and hardware.

    • Benefits envisaged from Finance Transformation.