Small and medium enterprises

    The CFO role in SMEs and startups could be a real challenge. SME management needs a fact-based financial perspective to support their decision making. Yet the finance function in such companies often is weak and struggles in providing strategic insight and analytics to top management. CFOs are often over-burdened by routine tasks and daily problem-solving, struggling with limited resources.
    Please, provide examples where the nominee has:
    • Enlarged the CFO role beyond reporting and financial analysis and has been a part in strategic initiatives to increase the value created for the organization;

    • Improved business decision making with smart finance initiatives

    • Added valuable skills to optimize and manage the company’s financial and business processes successfully, positively influencing company’s performance;

    • Improved overall finance function efficiency.

    * The size of the enterprises in this category is determined on the basis of the requirements of the Accountancy Act.